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Start with water

Coffee is 99% water. So start with great water, filtered or bottled will work the best. When adding water to your coffee, let the boiling water come off of a full boil for about 30 seconds before adding it to your coffee grounds.

it's all in the ratio

Your brew ratio tells you the amount of coffee you'll need based on the amount of water you're using. 16:1 is the ratio we recommend for most methods (excluding espresso). That means if you have 1 liter of water, you should be using around 63 grams of coffee. 

wet Your filter

If you're using a paper filter it's best to run some hot water through it before you start brewing your coffee. This way the filter won't be absorbing any of your precious brew and your coffee won't pick up anything that may have been hiding in the paper filter.

grind it up

Coffee is best when it is freshly ground. So if you have a grinder, use it! Make sure your coffee is ground to have a nice uniform size. Grind it coarse for brew methods like percolator or french press, and make the grinds finer for pour over or auto drip.  Hop over to our gear page if you are looking for an affordable burr grinder. 

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