ROAST: Medium 
REGION: Gitega, Burundi
ALTITUDE: 1542 meters
VARIETAL: Bourbon, Jackson, Mbirizi (Arabica)
PROCESSING METHOD: Depulped + Double Washed + Double Fermented

DRYING METHOD: Sun-dried on raised beds 14-21 days

NOTES: Syrup + Blackberry + Dates


The Murimirwa co-operative is a community of 228 farmers which includes 26 female farmers. Most of the farmers in the Murimirwa co-operative own less than a hectare of land so working together is essential to building their community and ensuring fair pay. During harvest the farmers take their coffees to the Muhororo washing station where the coffee cherries are sorted  to remove any defects. After sorting is complete the coffee cherries are depulped and double washed. The process is finished with the coffee being dried on sun beds before it is bagged and ready for transport. 


Burundi is the not the first country that comes to mind when we think of specialty coffee. For along time farmers in Burundi grew delicious coffee only to have it stuck at boarders or in port. Burundi is land locked which in turn made it challenging for coffee farmers to get coffee out of the country in the past. Thankfully we now can get these uniquely beautiful coffees from the coffee farmers of Burundi. This lot from Murimirwa co-operative perfectly illustrates what great coffee tastes like - with a syrupy mouthfeel and strong blackberry tones this coffee is delightful. It finishes with the complex sweetness of dates.




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