This beautiful, Sagan (Sandstone in Japanese) dripper is made using the Hasamiyaki (Hasami porcelain) method, a traditional porcelain crafting method that originated four centuries ago in the town of Hasami, Nagasaki.


This collaboration between Kalita and Hasamiyaki has resulted in the blending of sandstone and Amakusa Touseki potter's stone to create a porcelain that is both slim and sturdy, a perfect merging of light-weight and lasting durability. Each is handcrafted by experienced artisans, and the level of craftsmanship is exhibited by its quality. With its flat-bottomed design, raised center ridges and a controlled flow-rate, it achieves a more consistent and evenly extracted brew, with less water bypass, leading to a sweeter, rounder yet complex brew.

Kalita Wave Sagan (Sandstone) Ceramic Dripper