PRODUCER: Hirut Birhanu

ROAST: Medium Light
REGION: Yirgacheffe
ALTITUDE: 1700 - 2200 meters
VARIETAL: Heirloom




A wonderful women certfied crop from the ladies at the Hirut Birhanu processing mill in Yirgacheffe. Only the ripe cherries are picked by the farmers and then they are left to dry on the bed for 14 to 17 days (depending on the weather and temperature). The coffees will then be sorted by hand on the bed to rid the lot of any defects. When it reaches the correct moister between 9.5-11.5 the beans are sent to the dry mill. Finally after a trip to the dry mill the coffee will be sorted one more time by hand to ensure that no defects are present and that only larger screen sized beans enter into the final lot. 


This coffee was so exciting to finally get to cup. We had high hopes for it and we loved the social aspect of the women's certification included. In short the women's certification ensures that the coffee was picked and processed entirely by fairly paid Ethiopian women. On the cupping table this coffee was bursting with a milk chocolate base and hints of strawberry. The palette was syrupy and rich. Overall this coffee will knock your socks off! 


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