Bean Talk: The 3 Different Types Of Beans

Beans: the magical fruit. In our first "Bean Talk", we learned that there are both arabica and robusta coffee plants. Normally, both plants grow two seeds inside of them, which is why the coffee bean is flat on one side. The shape and size of the beans grown are all very similar. However, there are a few exceptions to the traditional bean.

Peaberry Beans: Sometimes only one seed develops inside the coffee cherry. Because the seed isn't sharing space with a partner, it will become more round. The bean also enjoys the benefit of having all of the complex flavours from the cherry for itself. So when peaberries are roasted, they produce a much more concentrated flavour.

Elephant Beans: These are beans that are twice the size of regular beans. They were first discovered in Brazil, but now can be found across South America. The best elephant beans come from Guatemala, Mexico, and Nicaragua.

Elephant Ears: These types of beans receive a unique shape caused by one larger bean growing around another smaller bean inside the cherry. The beans will not have one side that is flat and will instead be concave on one side.

Show off to your friends the next time you have a bag of coffee beans by picking out the different types of beans. Leave a comment below if you enjoyed this article. :)

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