Bean Talk: Why Does My Coffee Taste Different When I Make It At Home?

Have you bought coffee from your favourite coffee shop (hopefully they use 416 Coffee) and been disappointed when it didn't taste the same when you made it at home? We all have been there, questioning if we bought the right beans or convincing ourselves that we need a new coffee machine. While you most likely won't have the same quality of brewing equipment as your go to caffeine stop, you can get close to the taste by matching their brew ratios.

Now you may be wondering what the heck a brew ratio is and how you would find out the ideal one for the coffee you are using. First off, a brew ratio is simply a measurement of ground coffee you put in, relative to the liquid coffee that comes out. An example for an espresso machine would sound something like: 19 grams of ground coffee to produce 32 grams of liquid coffee. A more simple brew ratio for a french press might be 40 grams of ground coffee to 350 grams of water. Now whoever you are buying your coffee from should provide you with the required brew ratios to make sure the coffee tastes great! If they don't, you get to be the mad scientist. All you'll need is a small scale that measures in grams and you can begin experimenting with different amounts of coffee and water. Once you find the ratio that works best for you, you can consistently make some killer coffee!

So I hope this helps anyone who has been missing that cafe quality coffee experience at home and didn't know why. Share with your friends so no one has to suffer with poor coffee ever again!

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