Bean Talk: How Do They Decaffeinate Coffee?

Maybe you like the taste of coffee but can't drink it past 5 o'clock because it'll keep you up all night or maybe you just don't like the way caffeine makes you feel. Either way there are plenty of reasons to drink decaffeinated coffee. Have you ever wondered how they get the caffeine out of coffee? We thought you might be wondering so we wrote this to enlighten you.

Swiss Water Process: The Swiss Water Process is the most commonly used process to decaffeinate coffee. The beans are soaked in water and then the water is filtered through a carbon filtration system to remove the caffeine from the water. This process also removes all of the flavour from the coffee, so the water is evaporated to distill the flavours which are then sprayed back onto the beans after they are dried.

Steam Method: This process begins with steaming the green beans until they expand and open up. Then the caffeine is removed with a solvent that removes the caffeine without removing the flavour. This process is much shorter than the Swiss Water Process.

Well now you know how they take the caffeine out of coffee. Look for the process used somewhere on the packaging of most decaf coffees. Impress your friends with your new coffee knowledge!

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