Bean Talk: The Dangers Of Buying Already Ground Coffee

Do you buy your coffee already ground or do you buy your coffee whole bean? I'm hear to tell you that if you are serious about having awesome coffee at home you should definitely invest in a grinder and grind your coffee right before you brew it. You may be skeptical, so in this brief article I will explain why freshly ground coffee is far superior.

Firstly, coffee is a very absorbent substance. The oils can easily be contaminated by absorbing outside air. So when the coffee is ground it is much more likely that these oils begin to absorb the scents and flavors around. Thus altering the taste of your delicious coffee. By keeping the coffee in its whole bean state it is much more resistant to this contamination.

Secondly, coffee beans contain over 1000 aromas internally. Once the bean is ground it begins to oxidize and within 15 minutes the coffee loses almost 60% of its aromas. This greatly alters the taste and wonderful smell of your coffee.

Thirdly, coffee oils are highly soluble. This is great news because if they weren't we'd have an almost impossible time brewing coffee. Unfortunately, coffee grinds begin immediately reacting with water in the air and this begins to dilute the oils that give us the wonderful flavour we crave.

Do you believe me now? Freshly ground coffee will take your morning cup from "alright" to "amazing". Below I've posted a picture and a link to our favourite home grinder, it's affordable and it does a fantastic job to help you brew some killer coffee. To take a closer look click here.

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