10 Facts About Coffee You Didn't Know

1.) A coffee tree has a life span of about 50 years

2.) There are 900 different flavours of arabica coffee. Complex and very volatile they, deteriorate if exposed to air and light.

3.) The first European cafes were opened by immigrants from Asia around the year 1650.

4.) In bloom the coffee tree is covered with over 30,000 white flowers which begin to develop into fruit after 24 to 36 hours.

5.) The coffee cherries turn from yellow to orange and then bright red when they ripen, 6 to 8 months after flowering.

6.) Cafedomancy is the science of reading the future in coffee grounds.

7.) Coffee was originally found in Ethiopia and first became popular in Arabia.

8.) To maintain there monopoly on the production the Arabs would boil the coffee beans so they could not be grown elsewhere.

9.) In 1884 the first espresso machine is patented in Turin, Italy.

10.) When coffee is roasted it undergoes the same chemical transformation as bread when it is baked.

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