Bean Talk: The Perfect Coffee Cup

We've taught you about the beans, the importance of grinding coffee, and a few tips for brewing a great cup. However, all your hard work could be undone if you are drinking from the wrong cup. In an effort to make sure you are drinking from the right cup; 416 Coffee Co has compiled this short article to guide you to coffee cup perfection.

Whether of earthenware, stoneware, or porcelain, the cup should retain heat well. Glass allows coffee to get cold, plastic and metal spoil the taste. Delicate porcelain becomes too hot, making it tricky to hold; thick porcelain, however, is excellent as it absorbs heat from the coffee bringing it quickly to the perfect temperature for drinking, 140 Fahrenheit / 60 Celsius. Tall cups keep the coffee hot longer, and espresso forms a good head in the conical ones.

Comment below and tell us about your favorite coffee cup. Share this post and educate your friends.

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