3 Tips To Make Your Coffee Better

Do you think your coffee is lacking something? Have you ever wondered if your coffee could taste better? Well wonder no longer! We are here with three simple tips to make sure your coffee is the best it can be

#1 Water (No It's Not Just Water)

Coffee is 98.75% water. Yes, believe it or not, our beloved brown liquid is only 1.25% actual coffee. So it only makes sense to use the best water possible to craft a great cup of coffee. This means that you should only be using filtered water on your home machines and for commercial machines you should be using filtration systems in the water supply running to your espresso or drip coffee machine. This will also prevent your machine from being clogged up and slowed down by the minerals that are found in regular tap water.

#2 Grind Fresh

I cannot stress this one enough, grinding coffee beans fresh before you brew will change your life. Coffee begins losing its natural aromatic flavours as soon as it's ground. This means that when you are buying ground coffee you are losing out on most of the coffee's flavour and aroma. Burr grinders are very affordable and if you enjoy coffee I highly recommend buying one and grinding your coffee up every day. Trust me, you'll taste the difference.

#3 Buy Coffee With A Roasted Date

If you are buying your coffee from a grocery store shelf you probably have no idea when that coffee was roasted or how long it has been sitting there for. Just like any organic material, coffee breaks down over time, releasing oils and flavours as it deteriorates. The end result is a greasy coffee that tastes bitter and stale. When buying coffee we highly recommend checking for a roasted date on the packaging. This way you can ensure that the coffee is fresh and still at it's peak. If the roasted date is over a week old toss the bag and look for fresher products.

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