What Does Your Coffee Order Say About You?


This person is not playing around. They need an energy shot to the face to conquer Rome, or just their deadline. So they order the smallest thing on the menu, a combination of liquid crack and magic.


You like coffee. Kinda. The milk foam is your favourite part and you will lose your mind if there isn’t powdered cinnamon on top. So you order a capp you feel fancy and nuanced. You scroll through a highly curated Instagram feed as you sip on your milk foam.


You need something that will get you going, but you have some time to kill. So you order a latte. A bunch of fluffy milk slapped on top of a big double shot of espresso. It’s a big drink, so you sip slowly, you read a good book or you hop on Medium.

Drip Coffee

You like things the old fashioned way. You have a long drive ahead and you just want a big cup of keep the car on the road. You always order the largest size and because you’re a savage you take it black.

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