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"416 coffee co is about crafting something that causes the drinker to slow down and enjoy the moment. we believe that you should be able to enjoy high quality coffee anywhere, and that great coffee is not an acquired taste, anyone can enjoy a great cup."
-Carmine Battagli

Our founder Carmine Battagli was born into an Italian family living in their new Canadian home on St. Clair Street West in Toronto. Growing up in an Italian community Carmine quickly became fascinated with coffee, in particular espresso. After living in Italy for 4 years Carmine returned to his hometown, Toronto. Upon his return he became an apprentice espresso machine technician, learning from his cousin John, a master coffee roaster and veteran of the coffee industry. Battagli studied his craft and soon became a fantastic technician, well known across the city. However Carmine was not satisfied with the flavors of the coffees that everyone seemed to just "suck back". He began roasting coffees in any machine that was available for him to use, slowly but surely learning this delicate art form.


Finally an opportunity arose for Carmine to purchase his own coffee roaster, another roaster had went out of business and was selling all the contents of his roasting facility. Battagli purchased the factory and began experimenting with different coffees from around the globe, learning how each coffee liked to be roasted and how they should be blended to form the perfect cup. Over the last 24 years Carmine has led a group of like minded people on this caffeine fueled journey, we source coffees from around the globe ethically, roast them to perfection and we ensure that all of our coffees are enjoyed. 416 Coffee Co is a celebration of life's simple pleasures, our coffees are a simple enjoyment that can be celebrated everytime someone brews a cup.

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