ROAST: Medium
BLEND: South America


Download the complete CHANGE Brewing Guide.


The support and the love we have received has been unbelievable, we are so incredibly grateful to call the Niagara Region our home. As a business in this incredibe region we have an obligation to do our part in supporting the organizations making CHANGE in Niagara. When YOU purchase a bag of CHANGE we send $2 directly to the charitable organization we are working with in that quarter (click the link below to learn about the charity we are currently working with). CHANGE tastes good and feels good too.


CHANGE is the result of countless hours at the cupping table and endless tinkering from our master roaster. We set out to design a roast that would be approachable to the new craft coffee drinker, while still providing enough complexity to stimulate the demands of the hardcore coffee aficionado. The result is a coffee that is very rich and complex. Leading with notes of baker's chocolate and hints of hazelnut. 


  • If you aren't 100% satisfied with the coffee we delivered please contact us and we will refund you entirely. No questions asked.