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ROAST: Light
REGION: Tarrazu
ALTITUDE: 1800 meters
VARIETAL: Caturra + Catuai
PROCESSING METHOD: Washed + Drum Dried



Known as "Zone of the Saints" (based on the number of towns in the area named after saints), Tarrazu is one of the world's most famous coffee-growing regions. It is most certainly blessed in that regard. Small coffee farms ribbon the mountainous and lush terrain shaded by a mix of foreign and native trees. Consistent wet and dry seasons, rich soil composition and high altitudes combine to produce some of the best beans in the world - uniform in quality and ripeness.


Though not as renown as other coffee areas such as Kona or Jamaica, still their quality is a standout amongst coffee connoisseurs. Tarrazu coffee has been growing through word or mouth as coffee afficianados have discovered the wonderful flavor that is unique only to the Tarrazu coffee growing region.

This distinguished coffee carries a spicy fragrance and complex aroma, giving it a balanced flavor with a fresh finish.



  • If you aren't 100% satisfied with the coffee we delivered please contact us and we will refund you entirely. No questions asked.

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