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ROAST: Medium 
REGION: Malabar Coast
ALTITUDE: 1200 meters
PROCESSING METHOD: Washed + Fermented



Indian Monsoon Malabar is for the most ardent coffee enthusiasts. One of the most unusual coffees in the world, Monsoon Malabar is prepared during the monsoon season at the Malabar Coast in India. The coffee beans are exposed to the moisture-laden winds of the monsoon season. As the beans absorb the moisture of the windy air, they not only expand in size but take on a distinctive syrupy sweetness. Monsooned Malabar features a spicy, earthy undertone, low acidity and complex aroma.


Monsoon Malabar is not a bright acidic coffee. It's more of a slow reveal: a smooth, almost groovy, low-fi coffee that will send you out the door of a morning feeling mellow and relaxed. An exceptionally low acid content does not diminish this bean's intensity. It has a very rich body that provides an incredibly heavy palette feel. We have this coffee for a limited time so give it a try while this bizarre bean is still available! 


  • If you aren't 100% satisfied with the coffee we delivered please contact us and we will refund you entirely. No questions asked.

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