ROAST: Medium 
REGION: Wahgi Valley
ALTITUDE: 1550 meters
VARIETAL: Typica + Bourbon



The Sigri plantation, situated in the Wahgi Valley, in the Western Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea, was established in the 1950s. The farm rapidly gained a reputation as a top global producer of specialty coffee. The varietals growing at this farm are Bourbon & Typica, the seeds of which can trace their origins to Jamaica. The farm sits at 1550 meters above sea level, with the main crop harvested from May to July.


Sigri coffee undergoes a rigorous wet factory process. Quality control begins in the field; coffee cherry is hand-picked and carefully checked for uniformity; the fruit must be red and fully ripe which allows for the correct balance of sugar and acid within the cherry. This selected cherry is then pulped on the day of picking. The fermentation process stretches through a period of three days, broken every 24 hours by washing. Unlike other water processed coffees, however, Sigri's process follows this by a total immersion in water for a further day, which creates a unique flavor profile.


All Sigri coffee is finished by sun drying to further enhance flavor. Careful conditioning, hulling, grading and hand sorting follows. Soil and water conservation is a priority, and the plantation is bird friendly. They employ a "medium density shade" strategy, which uses two types of shade trees to protect the coffee plants and fields. This promotes the even ripening of coffee cherries and acts as shelter to the 90+ species of birds that call the area home.



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